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Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms and Conditions
  2. Service
  3. Advertising
  4. Linked Sites
  5. Other
    1. Use Policy of Service
    1. Online Privacy Policy
    2. Privacy Policy Scope
    3. Messages
    4. Children's online privacy
    5. Cookies
    6. Links to other Sites
    7. Security policy
    8. Data correction
    9. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
    10. Competent Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

1. General Terms and Conditions

Access to site, hereinafter called the "Site" and the use of its services, shall be subject to the following general terms and conditions mentioned and to those specific terms and conditions included in Exhibits of these presents and in billboards of a specific web page of above site, hereinafter called "Terms and Conditions".

If you, hereinafter called the "User", continue and extend your visit to this site, it shall be understood that you agree such terms and conditions.

Such Terms and Conditions may be subject to modifications, which shall be in force as from the time they are included in this website publication or notified to User, whichever comes first. In case of any infringement to these Terms and Conditions, User shall be removed from our records as registered user.

2. Service

Said Service consist of an online medium for information, advertising, electronic commerce and online communication provided by Agrositio S.A., hereinafter called the "Owner", and it implies the acceptance of such Terms and Conditions by the User.

Information included in above mentioned site, comes from several sources, among which are the proper Users of service ("Information Providers"). Therefore, such information shall not be considered as exhaustive, complete or which may satisfy all Users needs. Most of the information, is merely destined to allow the User to have access to much more information of interest, generally provided by third parties, without any effective control on the part of the Owner, thus suggesting User to carefully read such Terms and Conditions.

3. Advertising

The Owner, as other commercial web sites, receives advertising revenues, but this does not influence quality of site contents. The Owner applies the following policies on such subject matter:

The publication of the site contents shall be ruled by an independent policy.

* Liability relative to Information contained in Service. The Owner shall not be liable for damages caused by the use of such information, except if it were used with the purpose of damage. The Owner does not guarantee the truthfulness or validity of the information therein or that such information has not been altered after been included in site. If User considers he has been damaged by the publication of such information, User must initiate legal action exclusively against such information Provider. In which case, and as per User's request, the Owner shall put at User's disposal, to the extent of Owner's knowledge, all necessary data to file corresponding claim.

* Liability for products and services acquired through Services. The Owner shall provide a medium for publication of goods and services and communication offer among Users and Suppliers of such goods and services (the "Suppliers") and for authorization of credit card payments. Transactions are carried out directly between User and Supplier. Consequently, the Owner shall not be liable for such transactions.

As a mere example, the Owner shall not be responsible for:

  1. Quality, quantity, condition, origin and legitimacy of goods.
  2. Risks and defects of product sold.
  3. Offer maintenance on the part of the Supplier.
  4. Capacity to enter into contracts and to be solvent on the part of purchaser or Supplier.(In those cases, where the Owner charges to User, the Owner proceeds to do so on the account of supplier of sold product or service).

The Owner shall neither be liable for:

  1. Privacy of data transmission provided by public network on telecommunications, or by any other telematic means, (specially those referred to credit cards or other payment means) or of messages sent by purchaser-User to advertisers.
  2. Truthfulness of advertising display shown on screen.

4. Linked Sites

The User acknowledges that neither the Owner nor the Information Providers have control whatsoever on other sites, to which User may have access through links or other kind of linked telematic means (Linked Sites). Therefore, none of them shall be liable for contents included in Linked Sites. It is warned that such contents of Linked Sites may include obscene or offensive material.

5. Other

Equipment. Service Owner shall not be bound to provide any kind of equipment or software program to have access to Service. User must have all necessary resources for such access, including telecommunications one.

Use policy of service. The User accepts the Use Policy of service established in Exhibit A, and its modifications. The Owner shall have the right to eliminate or modify any information, communication, materials for download or message which according to its opinion infringes the Use Policy.

Copyright. Information included in Site correspond to the Intellectual Property of the Owner, Information Providers. It shall be forbidden any retransmission, reproduction of any material whatsoever, without previous written consent of its author.
When authorized so, User must mention its author and cannot make any modifications to such material. User grants to the Owner and other Service users, a non-exclusive free permanent license (with right to sublicense, reproduce, edit, distribute, transmit, create work derived from or with introduced modifications and to previously be shown) all information, materials for download which User sent to the Owner (including, but not limited to ideas or contents to improve products and services), either in own access pages of Service (as information billboards, debate forums and chat rooms) or in any page of Service.

Contents Control. The Owner shall not control such communications and material delivered by Users or Information Providers over web Service. The Owner shall not be liable for such communication and material content without prejudice to block web access or eliminate any communication, material considered as follows:

  1. Abusive, libelous, obscene, false or deceitful.
  2. To infringe third parties' copyrights,
  3. To infringe provisions established in Exhibit A.

Indemnity Commitment: User shall be bound to release the Owner, its employees, licensors, suppliers and licensees of damages originated (including defense costs) from any tort attributable to User or to third party using User's account.

Applicable Law Jurisdiction: In case of any dispute between the Owner and User, same shall be ruled by the laws of the Argentine Republic, excluding any provision determining the application of foreign legislation . Any dispute shall be subject to Ordinary Courts for Commercial matters of the Federal Capital.

Waivers: Delay or omission on the part of the Owner, in demanding strict fulfillment of present Terms and Conditions, shall not be interpreted as a waiver of his rights.

Partial Annulment: In case any provision herein is declared null and void, it shall not affect the validity of remaining provisions.

Trademarks: is the Owner's registered trademark. Any other trademark or logo shown in Site, pertains to Owner or third parties and User may not use same without trademark holder authorization.

Notifications: Notifications can be made through:

  1. E-mail.
  2. General communications in the information billboards of Service.
  3. Written notice sent by post to domicile mentioned when registered to Service. Notifications from User to Service Owner, can be made by email to, or by prepaid postage or courier to the following domicile: Agrositio S.A., Bartolomé Mitre 1895, 6th floor, apart L, (1039), Buenos Aires city, Argentina.


6 i. Use Policy of Service.

The use of service shall be subject to provisions herein established in Exhibit. Breach of same, may have as a consequence suspension and cancellation of Service access and potential legal actions.

Requirements: User must register under his own name. User must inform the Owner in case of any change in given information at the time of registration.

Access Code: Registration may require User to identify himself ("USER ID") and to register a Personal Password (the "Personal Password") selected by User himself. The Owner reserves the right to reject or modify selected Personal Password.

Online communications: The User acknowledges that all online communications are in real time and cannot be controlled by the Owner. Notwithstanding this, the Owner reserves the right to exclude any communication deemed offensive or in violation of this Policy.

The User shall not:

  1. Send messages or information that are abusive, intimidating, deceitful, obscene or in violation of any third party's right to intimacy or intellectual property or industrial property or that may be detrimental to said third parties or to the Owner. The Owner does not intend to discourage the right to free speech, but reserves the right to take the necessary measures in case the service is used to broadcast the above information.
  2. Interfere with the use of the Service by other Users including interruption of conversations in chat rooms.
  3. Transfer any file containing viruses or any other contaminating or damaging element.
  4. Transfer advertisements, promotional materials or offers except those contained in web pages (E.g.: Classified ads, Message billboards) created to that effect.
  5. Massively send unwanted emails to other Users.

Users shall not allow any third party to use their account. All the information sent using the User's account shall be deemed sent by the User.

Users who wish to send materials or information to be included in our Site must take into account that Users shall not:

  1. Insert the same item in more than 5 (five) pages of the Service.
  2. Insert the item in a page not related to the term in question.


7 i. Online Privacy Policy

Present Exhibit is meant to inform the User on our policy regarding personal information (as defined herein). This Policy may be modified due to uncountable reasons, for example the use of new data processing technologies, the changes we may introduce in our sites or our marketing systems, etc. Every time we change this Policy we will inform you, so that You can be always updated. Should you have any question regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us in:

7 ii. Privacy Policy Scope

This policy applies to all sites and services owned or operated by Agrositio S.A. or its associates (jointly referred to as "" or "us" or " sites" or "our Sites"). However, it does not apply to sites You may access through links of any kind. Personal information: shall only use the information related to your identity as user, i.e. your name, address, phone number, credit card information and email address (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") for Services purposes or site own marketing purposes, but under no circumstance will we disclose said information to third parties.

7 iii. Messages may send you messages to confirm your registration, inform your account's state or inform you of any change to the Terms and Conditions of Sites or this Privacy Policy. may send you email messages promoting products or services. If you wish to be included in the list of people who will receive this kind of messages, you must select that option when you give us your Personal Information. Exception to the non-disclosure of Personal information and other information. Our non-disclosure policy excludes your personal information or other data that requires disclosure in compliance of a judicial order or an order from other administrative authority we reasonably deem competent to request said information. may also disclose your Personal Information in case of risk of a security breach of Sites or a threat against you, us or any third party. Finally, bear in mind that when you provide any personal information through online communications, such as message bulletins or chat rooms, it may eventually be collected and used by third parties without your consent. makes its best efforts to protect your privacy, but do not guarantee the safety of the information you provide through online communications, and therefore it is up to you to disclose that information through said means.

7 iv. Children's online privacy

Given the fact that underage children may not understand our Policy or make valid decisions on the options available, we encourage all parents, guardians or adults responsible for underage children to visit Sites, to take active part in the child's activities on the Internet and to teach them how to protect their privacy. has taken the following measures to protect the privacy of users under 18 years old. Children under 18 years old shall not provide Sites with any personal information without the prior consent of their parents or guardians. Users under 18 will not be registered in Sites on their own; they can only register as an extension to their parents or guardian's account. Should a child under 18 win a contest, it will be informed to the child's parents or guardians. Personal information belonging to children under 18 shall not be used for promotional or marketing purposes.

7 v. Cookies

Through Cookie technology or IP tracking, Sites may access to other information about you ("Specific information"). To date, the Specific Information we collect relates to data on the browser you use, your type of computer, your operating systems, your Internet Service Providers, the sections of our sites you access, the links you set and other similar information. Specific Information is used only by us or our Site's operators in order to learn which are the pages from our site you prefer, which technology are you using, etc. and to constantly improve our sites. Eventually, we may disclose statistical information, but under no circumstance shall we disclose Personal Information. However, we warn you that some ads published in our sites may request user's information or contain technology to collect said information. Within our technological possibilities and pursuant to the agreements we have entered into with our sponsors, we do not allow Personal Information to be collected from our users, but we shall not be liable for breaches to said agreements by our sponsors.

7 vi. Links to other Sites Sites contain ads or other content that include a link to third party's sites or services. Although we have initially visited liked sites, it is not possible for us to control the contents or links therein, since most of them are constantly being changed and have their own privacy policies. Therefore, we suggest you read the privacy policy before you disclose any kind of information to a linked site.

7 vii. Security policy

Privacy protection is one of our goals. We have taken all measures within our economic and technological possibilities to ensure your privacy. Within our limitations, we have taken every precaution in data transmission from our computer to our servers. With the exception of emails, our server encrypts data, therefore, all transactions carried out through Internet are exclusively provided to the parties thereto.

7 viii. Data correction

You may correct or delete your Personal Information stored in our database by accessing the "my account" or "Self management" sections of home page.

7 ix. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

The use of any site, implies your acceptance of our Privacy Policy. Should you not agree with this policy, please do not visit our sites. Likewise, if you continue to use sites after any change has been made to this policy, said use shall imply your acceptance of said change.

7 x. Competent Jurisdiction and applicable law

All issues between the Owner and the User shall be ruled by the laws of Argentina, excluding all laws relating to the enforcement of a foreign law. All disputes shall be settled by the Ordinary Courts in Commercial Matters of the City of Buenos Aires.

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